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Final Beta

A (Cursed) Fabric mod for Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 that adds some quality of life changes and fixes some issues.

There's a very high chance this mod will not work in multiplayer, as of right now it is purely for singleplayer

You can change what fixes get applied using the config found in one of the following paths:

OS Location
Windows %appdata%/.minecraft/config/finalbeta.toml
Linux ~/.minecraft/config/finalbeta.toml
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/config/finalbeta.toml

Note that if you're using something like MultiMC or any of its derivates the folder will be in a different location, in those instances simply right click on your profile and click on "Folder", this will open the location where you can find the .minecraft folder and follow the path from above.

List of changes

Quality of Life changes

Sugar canes can now be places on sand

sugar cane on sand

More sounds
  • Opening / closing chests
  • Minecarts
  • Items breaking

Note: The mod doesn't add any sounds by itself, all of these sounds are already present in your "resources" folder, they are automatically downloaded by Minecraft itself

Adds Clouds toggle in Video Settings
Removes the id tags above entities while in F3 mode

bunch of animals with id tags above them

After: bunch of animals without any additional UI elements above them

Added amount of ingame days and real life days of playtime in F3 overlay

white text showingcasing the number of days spent in game

Format: ingame days (real life days)

The ingame time is calculated using the world's time, this means that other mods that poorly reset the time of day might influence it, sleeping also passes 1 ingame game as expected.

Real life days are calculated differently from the world time but are stored in the world's data (level.dat) if this file gets corrupted or deleted both ingame time and real life time will be lost.

Note: Unfortunately due to how the time is tracked real life days will start being counted since this mod gets installed, any prior time not being tracked. Ingame days will however be tracked correctly.

Two different config options to handle how boats break
  • Default config (value of 2) allows boats to break only when they crash with almost maximum speed. Making them less likely to break randomly.
  • A value of 1 disables boat breaking logic entirely.
Items can now be repaired at crafting tables
Dyed wool can be turned back into white wool using bone meal


Fixes selected blocks being rendered under text in containers

Before: blocks being rendered under container text

After: blocks being rendered above container text

Fixes the death screen's &e0 message

Before: death screen displaying &e0

After: death screen displaying a yellow score of 0

Note: Score will always be 0 as nothing gives score in this version

Made bows bigger and facing the right direction

Before: player holding a bow

After: player holding a bow

Also slightly update the skeleton's model to better hold the bow

Before: skeleton holding a bow

After: skeleton holding a bow

Updated list of blocks that pickaxes and axes can mine quicker

Extra pickaxe blocks:

  • Cobblestone stairs
  • Redstone ore
  • Iron door
  • Bricks
  • Furnaces
  • Dispensers
  • Stone pressure plates
  • Rails
  • Detector rails
  • Powered rails
  • Pistons
  • Sticky pistons

Extra axe blocks:

  • Wooden stairs
  • Door
  • Pressure plates
  • Jukebox
  • Note blocks
  • Pumpkins
  • Signs
  • Trapdoors
  • Ladders
  • Crafting tables
  • Fences
Stairs will now drop themselves rather than cobble/planks



Fixes leg armor not being updated while riding



Before: player's leg armor not updating its rotation according to the player's legs

After: player's leg armor correctly updating its rotation according to the player's legs

Fixes fishes going above the player's head



Fixes Minecarts hardstopping when hitting arrows or dropped items on tracks



Fixes Minecarts flickering while moving



Fixes torches (and redstone torches) not having a bottom texture

Before: torches without a bottom texture

After: torches with a bottom texture

Fixes saddled pigs not dropping their saddles on death



Fixes furnaces consuming the buckets as well when using lava buckets



Fixes bookshelves not dropping anything when mined



Fixes double doors not working with pressure plates



Note: This is not the prettiest of fixes and edge cases might still exist as I didn't test it in normal gameplay for long periods of time. If you experience any issues with already placed doors break them and then place them again, this should fix them.

As well as a bunch of other minor issues not worth having before/after images such as:
  • fixes grass block items being rendered incorrectly
  • made the chicken hitbox slightly taller
  • allows the use of shift key to drop the entire held stack and to exit vehicles
  • adds a config option that disables nightmares (mosters spawning at your bed while sleeping), disabled by default
  • adds a config option that disables bed functionality (so no more spawn point setting or night skipping), disabled by default
  • replaces the fence's bulky hitbox with a more slim version
  • removing the useless 10mb array wasting resources


Vanilla Launcher

  • Download the Vanilla Launcher installer of Cursed Legacy Fabric from https://minecraft-cursed-legacy.github.io/downloads.html
  • Run the installer and let it finish
  • Download the latest version of the mod
  • Navigate your .minecraft > b1.7.3 > mods folder and drop the mod .jar file there
  • Start the launcher and make sure you pick the Cursed Fabric profile before starting the game

MultiMC / Prism Launcher

  • Download the MultiMC archive of Cursed Legacy Fabric from https://minecraft-cursed-legacy.github.io/downloads.html
  • Open your MultiMC / Prism Launcher
  • Drag the .zip file into the launcher (you can also choose a different name for this profile now) and click Ok
  • Download the latest version of the mod
  • Navigate to the newly created instance's location (easier way to do this is from your launcher right click on the profile and select Folder)
  • Go in the .minecraft > mods folder and drop the mod .jar file there
  • Go back to your launcher and start the Cursed Fabric profile you've just installed


Q: My achievements screen is all messed up A: Its very likely you have the Cursed Legacy API installed, you do not need it for this mod to work and it actually causes more problems when installed (at least at the time of writing this)

Q: Torches have corrupted textures A: Check the above answer

Q: Entities and items don't seem to burn A: Check the above answer